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SE-161 02 BROMMA
+46 8 564 822 00

the T-room

is t he largest
- and still widely spread -
component in the T-series

it is also modular
and can be built any size
from 140 x 140 cm internal
measurements up to whatever
size you may wish

the module is 20 cm and all you
have to do is add multiples of 20 cm
until you arrive at the desired

there are three different sizes of
door and window to choose between

assembly instructions (pdf)

a prefabricated cabin consists of ready-made panels which are jointed together

making a sound insulating panel is easy making an equally good joint is difficult

the usual method is to screw or bolt the panels together with a non-hardening sealing compound in the joint

the method is effective, but time-consuming and messy
a sealing compound is meant to stick
to any surface - and it does!

we have solved the problem differently